“Black Bodies”

The Black Bodies Project…

explores what it means to be black in America and in the world. The project consists of a film, a book, and an interview series.

In the film “Black Bodies,” 16 black people of different ages, backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and skin tones share the experience of living in their black bodies.

“Black in the Backcountry”

The short film “Black in the Backcountry” introduces you to colorful residents of the small town of Littig, Texas — one of the state’s oldest black rural communities.

“Ghana’s Makola Market”

Makola Market, constructed in Accra, Ghana in 1924, stands at the heart of urban Ghanaian life. It is one of Accra’s most important social and cultural institutions.


Austin-based musician Athrazhur performs his song "Just Like Me" at East Austin's historic Sam's BBQ.